Italian courses in Venezia

Istituto Venezia

For many years, Istituto Venezia has been at the forefront of Italian language education in Venice. The school’s success is attributed to its seasoned educators who employ an immersive teaching method.

Their methodology revolves around a fully communicative approach, fostering active student involvement and refining both oral and written communication abilities. The use of contemporary, authentic materials within the classroom provides invaluable insights into real communication, facilitating a deeper understanding of Italian culture and society.

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Italian courses in venezia

Istituto Venezia

School features

Accredited by the MIM

The school is accredited by the “Ministero dell’Istruzione e del Merito” (MIM, former MIUR), the Italian government department responsible for education, universities, and research, to provide Italian language instruction to international students.

ASILS Member

Associazione Scuole Italiane come Lingua Seconda (ASILS) is the network of top Italian language schools for high-quality language and culture education. ASILS members adhere to stringent quality standards and provide structured curricula to facilitate students’ Italian language acquisition.

Accredited by CSN

CSN financial aid offered by Swedish Government to Swedish students is available at this school.

Accepts Beginner Students

If you haven’t had the chance to study Italian before, don’t worry! You can start as a complete beginner at this school.

Free Wifi

The school offers free Wi-Fi in common areas.


The school boasts a terrace where students can socialize, study, and make friends during breaks, enhancing their overall campus experience.

School's Location

Italian courses in Venezia

Situated on a lagoon, Venezia boasts a unique urban landscape characterized by a labyrinth of winding canals and elegant bridges. As s UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is renowned for its rich history, art, and culture with iconic landmarks such as St. Mark’s Square. Students can savor gondola rides along the Grand Canal and explore the narrow, picturesque streets, discovering hidden treasures in the form of quaint shops, local eateries, and artisanal boutiques.

Istituto Venezia is located in the sestiere (neighborhood) Dorsoduro, a more tranquil area compared the bustling tourist zone, which provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a more authentic, local lifestyle.

The absence of cars in Venezia necessitates students to utilize the water bus for transportation, creating a truly enjoyable experience.

Ca’ Rezzonico – Water bus (4 min)
Line 1

Istituto Venezia

Courses in Italy

Course Introduction

The teaching method focuses on active participation, enhancing oral and written communication skills through various activities and authentic materials. These include listening exercises, oral and written tasks, reading activities, group work, grammar workshops, vocabulary exercises, educational games, and videos about Italy and its culture.

The course systematically develops listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at all levels, and the curriculum is adjusted weekly to cater to students’ interests and needs. Class size ranges to a maximum of 12 students per class and various cultural activities are provided, throughout the year.

Course length

Without a student visa: 0-3 months

With student visa: 3-12 months

Student visas not required for EU members.

Available starts
School usually starts every Monday of the year (except for absolute beginners).
Schedule (weekdays)

Lessons from Monday to Friday. Morning: 09:00 –12:30

Course hours per week ≈ 20

School Intensity
Medium-high intensity means that thanks to these Italian courses you will be able to learn Italian at a high pace, however, thanks to Istituto Venezia’s flexible teaching method you will also have enough time to explore the city and discover the Italian lifestyle.
Visa eligibility

This course is eligible for the visa application.

1 week

2 weeks

1 month


3 months


6 months


1 year


Students can decide the exact number of weeks they would like to study. The prices provided above are for reference purposes only. Keep in mind that one month typically consists of 4 weeks, while a year comprises 48 weeks.

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price

Intensive Italian Course

Total course costs

Disclaimer: Prices in currencies other than euro are estimated based on the latest exchange rates.

The total costs include Italian lessons in Venezia, staff assistance, orientation upon arrival and placement tests. Textbooks are not included.

Registration fee


Registration fee is not included in the price

Istituto Venezia

Other Courses and Features

Discover all the Italian courses offered by this school

Intensive combined

Join the group class with 20 lessons weekly plus an extra 5 or 10 individual sessions per week to maximize your experience.

One-to-One Course

You have the option to add private one-to-one lessons, offered throughout the year. These personalized Italian sessions enable you to advance at your preferred speed.

Art and culture

You can improve your Italian while diving into subjects like arts, cooking and Italian culture.

Weekly Activities

The school offers a range of weekly activities outside of class, both cultural and just for fun to help you get the most out of student live in Italy.

Italian courses in Italy

Student demographics

Students come from all over the world to study at this school

Other countries

Istituto Venezia

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Istituto Venezia

Frequently asked questions

Istituto Venezia organizes a variety of activities for students to explore Venezia. These cultural excursions and walking tours provide insights into Venetian history, art, traditions, and daily life. Examples include museum visits, local craftsmanship workshops, historic city walks, and gastronomic adventures like market visits and cooking lessons. Additionally, outdoor activities such as voga alla veneta (rowing).
To enhance student interaction and participation, they keep the class small, with a maximum of 12 students per class.
Yes, you will receive a certificate at the end of your course showing the number of hours you have studied at the school, the course you have taken and the level you have achieved. You will need an attendance of at least 85% in order to get this certificate.


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