Customize the perfect trip for your group!

Our customized group programs are tailored for educational establishments including schools, secondary schools, universities, and similar learning institutions globally. These all-inclusive immersion programs aim to offer students a well-rounded experience, incorporating Italian language classes, lodging, cultural activities, and additional amenities.

Go! Go! Italia

Tailor-made group study experiences in Italy

At Go! Go! Italia, we believe that education goes well beyond traditional classroom settings. Our aim is to furnish students with the chance to learn, evolve, and broaden their perspectives through personalized study excursions. These trips not only enhance their language learning but also create enduring memories.

Go! Go! Italia’s study trips serve as a portal to immersive educational adventures in Italy! We specialize in tailoring unique trips for school groups, crafted to spark inspiration, foster learning, and highlight the vibrant Italian culture, all while ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience.


What's included?

Go! Go! Italia’s study trip programs can be adjusted to match each group’s preferences, with the flexibility to decide the program’s starting date, class schedule, duration, topics and activities, we can tailor the trip for their needs.

Trip Coordinator

We will create a bespoke plan for you group and ensure you have everything you need for a successful trip.

Italian Classes​

Select the number of Italian class that best suits your group, with options ranging from 4 to 30 hours per week.

Cultural Activities

A diverse selection of cultural and recreational activities to pick from.

Entrance Tickets

Admission tickets for museums, parks, and attractions can also be included.

Day Trips

Full-day activities are offered, including visits to nearby towns and outdoor nature experiences.


Accommodation options include staying with a host family, at dorm or a hotel, half or full board. Teachers can also be accommodated with a host family or in a hotel.

Airport Pick-up / Drop-Off

Transfer from/to the closest airport or train station.

Free Wifi​

Free Wi-Fi is available in the school’s common areas and, in most cases, also in the accommodations.

Study Trips in Italy for School Groups


Activities and cultural experiences serve as the ideal complement to the Italian language and cultural learning journey. Every option is carefully designed to encourage your students to practice Italian outside the classroom and give them more insight into Italian culture. Below, you can find a few examples of the activities that can be arranged for your group.

There are hundreds of activities to choose from, the ones listed above are merely illustrative examples.

Opera class

Opera class

1-day excursion

1 day excursion

Art workshop

Art workshop

Cooking class

Cooking class

Museum visit

Museum visit

Food tour

Food tour

Landmark visit

Landmark visit

City tour

City tour

Wine and cheese tasting

Wine and cheese tasting

Study Trips in Italy for School Groups


The destinations below are the most popular for school groups, however ask us if you are interested in other cities!


Study Trips in Italy for School Groups

Accommodations options

Choose the accommodation that most closely matches the needs of both students and teachers.

Students can experience authentic Italian daily life with the homestay option. They will have the opportunity to live with local families, practice Italian daily, and immerse in the rich traditions of Italy.

Available in select cities, students can opt to share a private apartment with fellow group participants. This arrangement offers the perfect balance of privacy and social interaction.

Indulge in comfort and convenience at recommended hotels. Students can experience a blend of relaxation and Italian cultural exploration during the tailored study trip in Italy.

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Study Trips in Italy for School Groups

Frequently asked questions

• We create a personalized academic program for your group.
• We will assign you a point of contact for your group that will assist you 24h.
• All our schools are located in the city center.
• Classes are taught by native Italian teachers with extensive experience
• Your students will attend Italian classes an accredited school.
• You will receive a Italian certificate for each of your students.
• The cultural program encourages the use of the Italian language outside of the classroom.
• Hundreds of cultural and recreational activities to choose from.
• A specialised guide will be present in each activity.
• Carefully selected host families with options for half or full board, hotel stays, or dormitories in some cities.
• Possibility to organize airport transfers by underground or private bus.
• We offer more than study trip in Italy, we provide a unique experience!

Study trips can start at any time throughout the year, but advanced bookings are essential during peak periods.

You can choose the duration that best suits your group, from a few days to several weeks.

Participants must be at least 16 years old.

Students are usually not accompanied to school each day unless specifically requested. Italy is a safe country with one of the best public transportation systems. Families typically live close to the school.

When all students in a group have similar ages and levels, classes and activities often consist solely of your group. If your students are over 16 and wish to join general school courses and activities, we can arrange that based on their level.

Certainly. We can arrange programs in several cities throughout Italy. Let us know your itinerary, and we’ll make it happen.

We accommodate all ages and types of students, including specialized academic groups, school immersion programs, and Italian and cultural activities for:

• Primary school students
• High school students
• University students
• Mature-aged students
• Mixed age groups

Customized Study Trips in Italy for School Groups

Have any questions left? Ask us!