5 common mistakes to avoid while preparing for CELI and CILS exams

By Go! Go! Italia staff
17 Jan 2024
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Photo of student preparing for CELI and CILS exams

When starting the journey to Italy for language learning, success in language proficiency exams particularly the CELI and CILS exams, is of utmost importance.

CELI means Certificato di Conoscenza della lingua italiana (Certificate of knowledge of the Italian language) and CILS stands for Certificazione di Italiano come lingua straniera (Certification of Italian as a foreign language). Both certificates are globally recognized proof of proficiency in the Italian language. Learn more about the significance of these certificates, how to choose between them, and other related details in our dedicated article.

To ensure a seamless and successful examination experience, here are some common mistakes to avoid when preparing for CELI and CILS exams and valuable tips for you!

Photo of student studying for CELI and CILS exams

1. Insufficient familiarity with exam format

Mistake: Some candidates may not fully understand the format of the CELI and CILS exams, leading to time management issues and potential mistakes.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam, including the types of tasks in each section, by taking part of the test preparation courses, and practicing with past papers to develop a keen sense of timing and an effective test-taking strategy.

2. Limited vocabulary and grammar skills 

Mistake: Inadequate vocabulary and grammatical knowledge can hinder communication and comprehension during the exam.

Tip: Expand your vocabulary and reinforce grammar rules. Engage in regular reading, writing, and listening exercises, focusing on commonly used phrases and idioms to enhance your communication skills.

Picture of when preparing for CELI and CILS exams

3. Neglecting listening comprehension

Mistake: Some candidates may underestimate the listening comprehension section, leading to mistakes in answering questions related to spoken passages.

Tip: Immerse yourself in a wide range of listening materials, such as movies, radio, and everyday Italian conversations. Take notes during the listening section to aid comprehension and participate in interactive sessions to enhance your auditory capabilities.

4. Ineffective time management

Mistake: Poor time management can result in incomplete sections and rushed answers, affecting overall performance.

Tip: Practice time management during your preparation. Enroll in CELI and CILS exams preparation courses to receive personalized strategies and allocate specific time limits for each section. Most of our language schools offer specialized classes to help you.

5. Overlooking reading comprehension strategies

Mistake: Insufficient comprehension skills can lead to misunderstandings in the reading section, affecting the accuracy of your responses.

Tip: Employ active reading techniques, such as skimming and scanning. Take advantage of our schools’ expertise in reading comprehension strategies, focusing on keywords and phrases to enhance your understanding of the text.

Additional tips for scoring high

Consistent practice: Both CELI and CILS exams include listening, speaking, reading, and writing sections. Engage in regular practice across all language skills.

– Practice speaking: This aspect of the language tends to be a difficult one especially if doing self-studies and may need extra attention. The most effective way to internalize a language is to consistently articulate out loud what you’re learning. This not only helps achieve fluency in speaking but also aids in retaining the words more effectively. Speak, speak and speak.

Feedback and correction: Seek valuable feedback on your written and spoken assignments from experienced teachers. Learn from your mistakes to continuously improve your language proficiency.

Simulated exams: Enroll in simulated CELI and CILS exams under timed conditions to replicate the actual test environment and build confidence.

– Take the test that matches your proficiency level: You may feel tempted to attempt an exam at a much higher proficiency than the one you are preparing for, especially when taking general Italian classes. Failing the test in such cases can result in frustration and demotivation. Stick to your level rather than testing your luck.

With Go! Go! Italia’s partner schools, you have access to exceptional test preparation courses designed to elevate your language skills and prepare you in your CELI and CILS exams. Prepare confidently, learn effectively, and begin your Italian language journey with the support of our trusted partners. Contact us to have personalized consultation for language learning in Italy and follow our Instagram and TikTok to see our language learning contents. Buona fortuna (Good luck)! 

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