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27 Nov 2023
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Mealtimes in Italy are not just a necessity but a celebration of life, affection for loved ones, and the simple joy of savoring a good meal. Italians like to take things slow when it comes to eating, often progressing through courses especially during festive occasions.

Let’s take a stroll through the picturesque streets of Italy and dive into the heart of Italian mealtimes, where the aroma of freshly baked bread and simmering sauces fills the air.

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Colazione (breakfast)

First things first, breakfast in Italy is a modest affair compared to the hearty spreads found in some other corners of the globe. Forget about elaborate brunches and towering stacks of pancakes. Italians prefer to kickstart their day with a simple yet satisfying breakfast, often consisting of a cappuccino and a cornetto – a delightful pastry similar to a croissant. It’s a quick business, enjoyed at a local bar, where the morning chatter and the aroma of freshly ground coffee create a comforting atmosphere.

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Pranzo (lunch) 

As the day unfolds, lunch takes center stage in the Italian culinary narrative. Unlike the rushed, on-the-go meals common in many other cultures, lunchtime in Italy is a sacred pause. At 1 pm offices close, shops shutter, and families gather around the table to partake in a leisurely midday feast. The Italian sun hangs high in the sky, casting a golden glow on the scene as plates are filled with pasta, risotto, or a hearty minestrone soup. All these are also known as primo (first course) and often they are followed by a salad dish and, to end the meal, a caffè – the classic espresso.

Mealtimes in Italy bring pasta to the forefront, as the culinary darling takes on countless forms and flavors, with each region boasting its own signature varieties. From the northern realms of Lombardy with its creamy risottos to the southern landscapes of Sicily, where pasta is kissed by the sea breeze, Italian mealtimes are a testament to the diversity of regional cuisines. Picture yourself twirling a forkful of spaghetti in Rome or savoring the layered richness of lasagna in Tuscany – each bite tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and a deep-rooted love for good food.

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Merenda (snack)

Afternoons in Italy are a gentle siesta, a time to digest and rejuvenate before the evening. A merendina ( small sweet snack) for kids, a gelato or a piece of pizza al taglio (picture above) might be in order, enjoyed while strolling through the charming cobblestone streets or lounging in a sun-drenched piazza. It’s a time to appreciate the small pleasures in life.

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Aperitivo (happy hour)

Aperitivo in Italy is more than a drink; it’s a prelude to the evening’s joy, set between 6 pm to 8 pm. Picture a terrace buzzing with laughter, clinking glasses, and a spread of nibbles – olives, bruschetta, cheese. As the sun sets, Italians often sip on classic cocktails like Spritz or Negroni, or enjoy a glass of Prosecco. It’s a social ritual, a moment to unwind and savor the flavors, setting the stage for a night of camaraderie and the pleasure of good company.

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Cena (dinner)

Mealtimes in Italy unfold with dinner, the main event, beginning after the sun sets and never before 8 pm. Italian dinners embody a laid-back affair, serving as a social gathering that unites friends and family to exchange stories and laughter over plates of hearty dishes. These dinners, typically heartier, may commence with antipasto —appetizers featuring cured meats and cheese— followed by a secondo (main dish), often showcasing protein accompanied by contorni, side dishes composed of vegetables or salads.

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In the midst of all this culinary delight, let’s not forget the essential role of vino. Wine is not merely a beverage in Italy; it’s a companion, a storyteller that enhances the flavors of the meal and elevates the dining experience. Whether it’s a robust red from Tuscany or a crisp white from the vineyards of Sicily, wine flows like poetry, adding a touch of romance to the evening.

In conclusion, mealtimes in Italy are a journey for the senses, and a celebration of the simple joys that life has to offer. From the first sip of morning cappuccino, each meal is a chapter in the story of Italy’s culinary skills. So, next time you find yourself at an Italian table, savor every moment, relish every bite, and let the flavors of Italy transport you to a place where mealtimes are not just about nourishment but a celebration of life together with the loved ones. Buon appetito (Enjoy your meal)!

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