PLIDA exam dates 2024: Prove your progress!

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04 Jul 2024
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PLIDA 시험 일정

Wondering when are the PLIDA exam dates in 2024? We got you covered in today’s article.

The PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) certification is a prestigious qualification for non-native Italian speakers. Recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, it is administered by the Società Dante Alighieri, and aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This certification comprehensively evaluates language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

This certification is particularly beneficial for those planning to attend a university in Italy, as it can be a requirement for admission. Also, it is important for individuals seeking Italian citizenship, as it provides proof of language competence required by the authorities. The PLIDA is useful for professionals who need to validate their Italian language skills for career advancement or employment opportunities in Italian-speaking environments.

PLIDA exam dates for 2024

If you’re planning to take the exam, here are the PLIDA exam dates:

  • September
    • A2, B1 Levels: September 11, 2024
  • October
    • Juniors A1, A2, B1, B2 Levels: October 19, 2024
  • November
    • A2, B1 Levels: November 13, 2024
    • B2, C1, C2 Levels: November 14, 2024

These dates provide multiple opportunities throughout the year to fit various schedules and preparation times.

PLIDA levels

The PLIDA certification spans six levels, each corresponding to specific competencies:

  • A1 (Beginner): Basic understanding and use of everyday expressions and simple phrases.
  • A2 (Elementary): Ability to communicate in simple and routine tasks involving direct information exchange.
  • B1 (Intermediate): Competence in managing everyday situations and understanding main points on familiar topics.
  • B2 (Upper Intermediate): Ability to interact fluently and spontaneously with native speakers.
  • C1 (Advanced): Efficient and flexible language use for social, academic, and professional purposes.
  • C2 (Proficient): Mastery of the language, with ease of understanding virtually everything heard or read.

For a deeper dive into these levels, refer to our article about CEFR Levels.


Go! Go! Italia’s partner examination centers 

Go! Go! Italia collaborates with several renowned language schools across Italy, ensuring excellent facilities and experienced instructors for PLIDA preparation and exams.

Milan: Linguadue 

Situated in Milan, Italy’s fashion and business hub, Linguadue provides an ideal setting for dynamic language learning and PLIDA exam preparation. The school’s extensive teaching experience, combined with Milan’s culturally rich environment, offer an excellent backdrop for students to immerse themselves in Italian and achieve proficiency in all aspects of the language exam.

Florence: Linguaviva 

Located in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, Linguaviva offers an inspiring atmosphere filled with art, history, and vibrant Italian culture. This enriching environment is perfect for students preparing for the PLIDA exam, as it allows them to fully engage with the language and culture, enhancing their proficiency and readiness for the certification.

Siena: Dante Alighieri Siena 

In the medieval city of Siena, the Dante Alighieri school is dedicated to teaching Italian with excellence. The city’s historic charm provides a scenic and stimulating backdrop for an enriching educational experience, making it a great choice for students aiming to excel in the PLIDA exam. 

PLIDA Preparation course

For those aspiring to master Italian and obtain PLIDA certification, Go! Go! Italia’s partner schools offer comprehensive preparation courses tailored to each proficiency level in beautiful cities in Italy. Our experienced instructors and well-structured programs ensure that candidates are well-prepared to excel in their exams.

To learn more about our PLIDA preparation courses please contact us at Go! Go! Italia.

Go! Go! Italia is here to accommodate your needs in moving forward with a language learning program in Italy. We offer free consultation, visa assistance, and more. Let us help you start this exciting journey of learning and cultural immersion!

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