The best apps to learn Italian in 2024

By Go! Go! Italia staff
29 Feb 2024
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In this article, we will have a look at the best apps to learn Italian.

Apps are very helpful and fun way to integrate your Italian learning journey and nowadays there is pletora of them available so it might be hard to know which ones are best. So, we’ve made a list of the best ones for both iPhones and Android phones, to make your Italian learning a bit more fun!

Note that we recommend using these apps together with going to Italian classes because relying solely on apps usually does not provide you with the complete learning experience required for studying Italian comprehensively.

Photo of best apps to learn Italian

Rocket Italian

Best for beginners

Rocket Italian helps you learn Italian in a structured way and with an emphasis on on conversation.

It covers everything from grammar to vocabulary, starting with basics and moving to more advanced topics. The app includes interactive audio lessons led by native Italian speakers, which simulate real conversations to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. There are also interactive exercises like quizzes and drills to reinforce your learning.

Rocket Italian focuses on practical conversation skills, teaching phrases for everyday situations like ordering food or asking for directions. It tracks your progress and provides achievements to keep you motivated.

Price: The pricing varies significantly based on the tier you choose, starting from 99 USD for lifetime access for the basic tier with a discount coupon. For all the details check here.


Suitable for all levels

Babbel is a popular app for learning Italian that’s great for beginners and more advanced learners. It has a well-organized curriculum with different topics at each level, making it easy to understand.

The lessons are short, around 10 to 15 minutes, so they’re perfect for busy people. Each lesson covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking with interactive activities like flashcards and quizzes. The topics covered range from everyday vocabulary to complex grammatical concepts, all while receiving instant feedback to track your progress.

The app offers quick daily review sessions, aiding in retention of learned material. It features user-friendly interface with video and audio exercises, along with speech recognition for pronunciation assistance. Additionally, it provides a community space for users to ask questions and exchange ideas.

Overall, Babbel makes learning Italian fun and effective for everyone. Definitely one of the best apps to learn Italian among all out there.

Price: Monthly plan starts from 6,95 USD per month for 12 months access. More on this here.


Popular and versatile

Duolingo has earned a reputation as one of the most popular language-learning apps, thanks to its gamified approach and user-friendly interface.

It efficiently covers reading, listening, and speaking skills through bite-sized lessons that accommodate busy schedules. Using a blend of AI and language science, Duolingo tailors lessons to individual levels and paces, ensuring that learners of all proficiency levels can benefit. The app’s gamified approach makes language learning enjoyable with engaging exercises and challenges, fostering the formation of consistent learning habits.

There is also the option to enhance the experience with Super Duolingo, which offers ad-free learning.

Price: Free. Ad free plan are available for 12.99 USD per month or 83.99 USD per year. Family plan for 7 total users has a cost of 119.99 USD per year.

Photo of best apps to learn Italian


Real world practice

For those seeking real-world language practice, Tandem connects you with native Italian speakers from different regions, so you can learn authentic dialects and cultural nuances. You can practice speaking Italian anytime, anywhere, and find language partners who share your interests.

With millions of members worldwide, Tandem creates a thriving language learning community where you can engage in conversations with language partners who are eager to help you improve your Italian skills. In exchange, you can offer assistance with their language learning goals, fostering a mutually beneficial language exchange experience. It’s an all-in-one platform for learning Italian and exploring its rich culture.

Price: Limited free version available. A premium subscription, Tandem Pro, is also available for 13.99 per month. 3 Months plan cost 31.99 USD and 12 months plan is 79.99 USD.

Rosetta Stone

Renowned immersive method

Famous for its immersive method, Rosetta Stone offers a dynamic approach to mastering Italian.

Unlike many other language apps, it doesn’t rely on translations, immersing learners directly in the Italian language instead. It heavily employs images to help learners associate new words with visuals, to help comprehension. The app uses TruAccent technology to assess pronunciation against native speakers and offer corrections.

The course is structured into 20 units covering various themes such as travel and dining, each containing four lessons focused on core content: pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Users can tailor their learning path based on their starting proficiency and goals.

Price: There are several plans available, 3 months for 35.97 USD, 1 year subscription for 95.88 USD and lifetime access for 179 USD.

Now you know the best apps for learning Italian, why not taking the next step in your learning journey by reaching out to the team at Go! Go! Italia and apply for a course in Italy? Immerse yourself in Italian language and culture right in Italy. If traveling isn’t feasible, don’t worry— our school partners offer comprehensive online courses suitable for learners of all Italian proficiency levels.

For more insights into the Italian language, be sure to follow our blog, where we delve into everything you need to know about Italy!

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