What to pack for Italy: our top 14 must haves when moving across the world!

By Go! Go! Italia staff
03 Jan 2024
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Excitement is building up as you get ready to make your dream of studying in Italy come true! If you’ve picked your favorite city and the perfect school, and now you’re just one suitcase away from your big academic adventure, this checklist is here to guide you on what to pack for Italy. Let’s go through the simple things you need to pack for Italy, so you’re all set for an awesome time studying in Italy.

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1. Passport, visa, and important documents

Start with the basics. Ensure you have your passport, visa and any necessary travel documents securely packed. Make photocopies of these documents and keep them separate from the originals in case of loss and take pictures on your phone.

2. Travel itinerary and accommodation confirmation

Organize your travel plans by carrying a printed or digital itinerary, including your plane ticket and confirmation of accommodation reservations. Have the address of your accommodations written down to make navigation easier upon arrival. Check out transportation options from the airport and consider booking a pick-up service, our school partners can assist you with these arrangements.

3. Travel & language resources

Arm yourself with knowledge about your destination. Downloading map applications and city guides, will enable you to navigate with ease through unfamiliar areas. Beyond just geographical assistance, translation app becomes an indispensable tool, breaking down language barriers as you gradually attain proficiency in Italian.

4. Emergency contacts

Keep a list of emergency contact information, including Italy’s emergency number (112), your school’s contact details and address. Make sure you have your friends and families numbers at hand, your banks number from back home and your country’s embassy number. These can mean a world of difference if you get stuck in a tricky situation like your bank card not working.

5. Health insurance

Make note of emergency contact numbers and procedures outlined in your insurance documentation, ensuring that you can swiftly and effectively communicate with your insurance provider in the event of an emergency. Take the time to thoroughly review and understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

6. Medicines

Prioritize your well-being by packing prescription medications along with copies of prescriptions translated in English, and basic over-the-counter medications in your carry-on luggage. You will probably find similar medicines, if not the same ones, in Italy, but especially at the beginning you want to avoid the stress of understanding how medicines work in Italy and how to find the right one. Be sure to review government guidelines beforehand to prevent including any prohibited drugs in your packing.

7. Weather-appropriate clothing and shoes

Italy experiences diverse climates, and the heating system can be what you anticipate. So consider what to pack for Italy to be able to vestire a cipolla, dress in layers just like an onion and be prepared for every climate.

Bring comfortable walking shoes for exploring cobblestone streets, formal attire for special occasions, and swimwear if visiting during the warmer months. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses for sun protection. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself out shopping every few months.

8. Electronics and adapters

Keep your devices charged with the necessary chargers and consider bringing a power bank for on-the-go charging. Italy uses Type F electrical outlets, so appropriate power adapters is a must when it comes to what to pack for Italy; you will most likely need more than one power adaptor as you might want to charge multiple devices at once.

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9. Cash and banking essentials

Securing your financial preparedness is a crucial aspect of any study abroad experience, and having sufficient funds in euro can significantly improve your journey’s smoothness. Before embarking on your adventure, assess your anticipated expenses and ensure that you carry an appropriate amount of cash in euro to cover your daily needs, such as meals, transportation, and incidental expenses. Indispensable when it comes to what to pack for Italy.

Bringing more than one debit or credit card can offer you convenience and security during your travels. Notify your bank of your travel plans beforehand to avoid any potential issues with card transactions. This helps prevent them from flagging your card for suspicious activity, ensuring uninterrupted access to your funds while abroad.

Familiarize yourself with any potential fees associated with international transactions, currency conversions, or ATM withdrawals to make informed financial decisions. Generally speaking, using bank’s ATM seems to be more convenient in terms of bank fees, however this might change depending on your own bank.

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10. Academic supplies

Since you’re traveling for academic purposes, don’t forget to pack notebooks, pens, and any other stationery you may need. This can be easily find in Italy as well, but preparing them in advance will give you the peace of mind, especially given the multitude of bureaucratic tasks awaiting you upon your arrival.

11. Hygiene items

Remember to pack a compact toiletry kit for travel, including essentials like hand sanitizer. Toilet paper may not be consistently available in all public restrooms across Italy.

12. Reusable bottle

Ensure you stay refreshed by bringing along a reusable water bottle, taking advantage of the abundance of water fountains commonly found throughout Italy. You will not have to buy bottled water again.

13. Books

Obviously, you’ll be spending most of your time practicing your Italian and reading only Italian text books. But we know this can be a bit of a brain drain and is hard to keep up. Foreign language books may be available in major bookstores of big cities but it can take a lot of time and effort to find what you want. If you’re a bit of a book worm, or want to kill those waiting times in line at the post office for your permesso di soggiorno (residency permit) application or when dealing with Italian bureaucracy in general, be sure to add some books in your native language to your packing list for Italy.

14. Souvenirs

If you find yourself staying with a host family while pursuing your studies, it’s highly appreciated to bring along thoughtful gifts from your home country as a gesture of gratitude for their hospitality and care.

Now that you are well-informed about what to pack for Italy, armed with a comprehensive list of the top 14 essentials, you are ready for your study experience in Italy.

Find more helpful info about living and studying in Italy on our blog and social media. Go! Go! Italia is here to make your study abroad experience easier and more fun. If you’re still figuring out which city and school are right for you, reach out, and we’ll help you find your dream school. A presto!

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