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05 Jun 2024
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Planning to attend university in Italy? 

University preparation or foundation year in Italy courses offer the necessary grounding, equipping students with essential skills and knowledge to succeed. Let’s understand what these programs offer and who they are designed for, focusing on two esteemed institutions: DILIT and Linguaviva.

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What is a university preparation/foundation year in Italy?

University preparation and foundation courses in Italy are specialized programs designed to bridge the gap between a student’s current educational level and the academic requirements of Italian universities. 

These courses are essential for students who need to enhance their Italian language proficiency and familiarize themselves with specific subjects related to their future degree courses, as well as preparing for university entrance exams.

Who are these courses for?

Tailored for international students planning to apply to Italian universities, these programs are particularly beneficial for those who need to meet language proficiency requirements or acclimate to the Italian academic environment.

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Featured university preparation/foundation year in Italy programs

DILIT (Rome) 

Located in the heart of Rome, DILIT has been offering language and preparatory courses since 1974. Their Preparatory Course for Italian Universities is designed to prepare students for university entrance examinations in fields such as Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, and more. The course is divided into two segments:

  1. First Part: Focuses on general Italian language tuition to provide students with the language skills needed for academic success.
  2. Second Part: Offers specific preparation in subjects required for university entrance exams, following guidelines from the Italian Ministry of Education.

Course Details:

  • Level required: B1+
  • Language of course: Italian
  • Preparation for: Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, and more. 
  • Classes per week:  Up to 30 lessons per week
  • Duration: 6 weeks

DILIT offers also an Academic Year course, enabling you to integrate language studies with university preparation and language certificate training over a one-year preparatory period.

Course Details:

  • Level required: Beginner or above
  • Language of course: Italian
  • Preparation for: Academic studies according to student’s interest, CILS and CELI exams
  • Classes per week:  Up to 30 lessons per week
  • Duration: 40 weeks

For those with a full A2 level, it is also possible to join the course for just six months.

Linguaviva (Florence and Milan) 

Linguaviva operates campuses in both Florence and Milan, offering a range of university preparation programs in both campuses. The Foundation year in Italy Program is a comprehensive 28-week course aimed at improving Italian language skills and preparing students for university entrance exams, ideal for those new to the Italian language. 

Course details:

  • Level required: Beginners or above
  • Language of course: Italian
  • Preparation for: Medicine, Veterinary, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Music
  • Classes per week:  An average of 28 weekly hours
  • Duration:  30 weeks

In addition to the long-term foundation program, Linguaviva offers shorter courses, including an 11-week course tailored for students aiming for degrees in Medicine or Veterinary studies at Italian universities, suitable for those with a B1 or higher level of Italian language proficiency. Contact us for more information. 

Application procedure for foundation year in Italy/university preparation course in Italy

  1. Submit the application form through Go! Go! Italia
    • Begin your journey by contacting and Go! Go! Italia! We will help you complete and submit the application form through us. We will streamline the process, ensuring all your documents and information are correctly prepared and submitted.
  2. Pay deposit to secure your spot
    • To confirm your place in the course, you’ll need to pay a deposit. This step is crucial as it guarantees your spot in the program and allows the school to start preparing for your arrival. This is not a fee that is required by Go! Go! Italia, you would pay the same even if applying directly to the school. 
  3. Pay remaining tuition and receive your certificate
    • Within a couple of months before your course starts, you will need to pay the remaining tuition fees. After the full payment is made, you will receive a certificate of enrollment. This certificate is essential for applying for your student visa, if one is required.
  4. Visa application (if needed)
    • With your enrollment certificate, you can now proceed to apply for your student visa. Ensure you have all necessary documents and follow the visa application guidelines provided by the Italian consulate or embassy in your country. Check our dedicated article for more info. 

Undertaking a university preparation or foundation course at institutions like DILIT and Linguaviva can significantly enhance your chances of succeeding in the competitive environment of Italian higher education. These programs not only boost language skills but also deepen the understanding of core academic subjects, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges of university studies in Italy.

If you are interested in these courses and need help with the application process or visa assistance, consider proceeding with Go! Go! Italia. We offer free assistance with applications and provide additional visa services to help you navigate your journey to studying in Italy smoothly.

For more detailed information please contact Go! Go! Italia.

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